Study Abroad

Our team consists of a full range of special counsellors with various qualifications from around the globe who enables students to meet their expectations. They assist students with the appropriate counselling, guidance, knowledge and skills in the areas that are required based on the programs that they choose.

1. University/College and course selection: Experienced staff at Team Consult help students in finding the right course, in the right destination, and in the right institution to get the right qualifications they need to be globally competent human resource. Our services consist of:

  • Providing an overview of universities/colleges in different countries and study opportunities that they offer
  • A detailed outline of the courses that are offered
  • Choosing the right university/college and courses, based on academic ability and financial capacity

2. Admission Assistance: Team Consult guides the students with the full admission process, which includes:

  • An explanation/understanding of the requirements
  • Assistance with the application process and submission
  • Confirmation of place within the university
  • Registration after arrival in the country of your choice

3. Assistance in Documentation:

Team Consult has experienced team officers for documentation and compliance management. They have been guiding students for financial, family and personal documentation in an easy manner. They help students to understand the tuition and living expenses associated with courses or programs for them to be able to understand their financial needs.